About me

Hi! I'm Shiella, the creator of My Gift Maker and a mummy to my 3 very precious and lovely children.

Crafting has always been a constant in my life since young. Half a decade ago, my life as a mum and a teacher was really demanding and fast-moving. So during my down time or school holidays, I would relax by crafting and indulging in all things handmade and art.

 Personalised and customised gifting was introduced into this business in 2020. Before that, I was constantly labelling things around my house - my pantry, storage boxes, my kid’s art supplies etc. I did the same with my children’s items - I personalised their notebooks, bags, keychains, clothes, water bottles and many personal items with their names. On my last day of work in Dec 2019, I decided to make customized farewell gift boxes for my colleagues and they were in love! They were asking so many questions about it. They encouraged me to make a business out of this and the following year, I did just that. Since then, I've been busy curating gift boxes which contain premium hand selected items bearing my personalised handmade art and beautifully packaging them into farewell gifts, client thank you gifts, birthday gifts, teacher's day gifts, bridesmaids proposal gifts and newborn baby gifts. These are made for mothers, parents, brides-to-be, working professionals, colleagues, bosses - anyone who wants specially handmade customised gift boxes that they cannot find elsewhere for their family and friends.

With the help of family and my husband, who is the greatest cheerleader and supporter, we fulfilled orders after orders - from personal to corporate. What started out as my personal creative therapy immediately turned into a business that put smiles across faces. Each happy smile and the great feedback received motivates me to continue curating more gifts.

I am filled with gratitude when I look back and see how this little hobby has grown. I can't thank you all enough for your support since then. It has helped this humble business to grow, and continue growing. As long as what I do gives value to you and your loved ones, putting in my time to this business while taking care of my kids is worth it! I’ve received so many lovely comments from you and that gives me fuel to keep curating the most beautiful and intentional gifts that is treasured by you and those you love!




IG: @mygiftmaker