Your FAQs


How can I receive my purchase?

For local (Singapore), we offer 2 main options:

1. Doorstep delivery ($8.90): Here are the steps:

a) Select/tick this option at product page.

b) Choose the date to receive at product page.

c) If applicable for your product, select the timeslot at the product page during the order process. Time slots available are: 10am-4.30pm and 4.30-10pm.

d) Under shipping method, select “Doorstep delivery $8.90” at the “shipping” page. 

We will deliver at your indicated day and time so be sure to have someone receive your purchase! Otherwise, item will be left at doorstep/gate/shoe rack.

2. Self-collection at our home studio (free, by appointment only): Collect your gift at lift lobby of Blk 682A Edgedale Plains S821682. We truly understand that you may stay nearby and want to save delivery costs so we’ve opened up this option to help you. Here are the steps: 

a) Select/tick this option at product page.

b) Choose a date and timeslot. For date, please choose any day on Mon-Fri (excl. PH). Time slots are available between 5.30pm to 9pm.

c) Under shipping method, select “Self-collect at Edgedale Plains Free” at “shipping” page.

When we receive your order, we will make a schedule to be available for your collection at your indicated time. On the day of collection, we will message (via WhatsApp or SMS) to remind you. Would greatly appreciate if you could commit to the timeslot you’ve selected as we are a husband and wife team with a family of 3 young kids and have our own schedules to run too. However, should you require to change the collection day/time, please contact us through email at or check our availability by replying through the message we sent on the day of collection. 

Other delivery methods (for selected items only):

  • Small packet (with tracking) $4.70.  Please clear your mailbox so that your parcel can fit. If mailbox is full, a delivery note will be given by postman to collect from nearest post office.
  • Normal mail (no tracking) $1.90. For one piece / selected items only. MGM will not be responsible for lost mail.


How fast can I receive my purchase?

All our gifts (customisable or gift bundles) generally require at least 2-4 days to process. After 2-4 days, the gift will be sent out for delivery or available for self-collection. Please select the date (and time slot, if provided in the drop-down option) at the product page. For rush orders, email us and we will try our best to make it happen! However, we seek your understanding that during peak periods (e.g. Hari Raya, CNY, Valentine’s Day and Christmas), the lead time may be longer. Bulk orders may take a longer time, depending on quantity or stock availability.


Where is your self-collection address?

Self-collection is free at our home studio at lift lobby of 682A Edgedale Plains S821682. Available on Mon-Fri, 5.30pm to 9pm. For other timings, please email us to check for availability.


What happens if delivery at first attempt fails?

Please ensure that the delivery address and contact details are correct, and that the recipient is available to receive the gift on the selected date. If no one answers the door, item will be placed at shoe rack or at doorstep/gate).

If the first delivery fails due reasons such as wrong address given, we can redeliver the gift at the next available timeslot/day at an additional charge of $15.

Do you ship to multiple recipients?

We apologise that currently, we do not have the deliver to multiple recipients option in the shopping cart. However, you can still deliver to another recipient by making another new order. By logging in as a customer, you can also add new addresses and store it.

For bulk order and delivery of same items to different locations, drop us an email at for ease of ordering.


Do you ship internationally?

Currently, all of our products deliver to Singapore. Some of our products are available for delivery to USA. We are making plans to make our delivery available worldwide so hang on for that! However, if you are interested in any of our gifts and would like it delivered to your country, please get in touch with us here with the following information:

1) Item and respective quantities

2) Delivery address

We are keen to explore ways to help you or your loved ones get a hold of our unique gifts which not available anywhere else.


Do you deliver on Saturdays & Sundays?

Yes we absolutely do! And at no additional charge too! :D

Does my bundled gift / gift box come with a bag?

We want to be part of the earth-friendly community as much as we can. If your gift goes straight to the recipient (we know this when we see that the billing and shipping address is different and the shipping addressee is the same as the gift recipient), we will omit the paper bag. Your recipient will receive the gift box presentably as it is.

For gifts in bulk or ordered in multiple, we will not provide individual paper bags unless specifically requested. Please request under “notes to seller” at cart page or notify us through email



How should I handle the bundle gift set I received before gifting to my recipient?

Treat your gift as fragile. Always carry your gift box in the way you received it or lay it flat with ribbon bow top facing upwards. This is least disruptive to the arrangement of the items inside the gift box. 


Are items listed under “Customisable Items” wrapped in gift box or wrapping paper?

Items listed here come as individual item and does NOT come with any form of wrapping. Some items have gift box or gift wrap as add-on/ optional at additional cost. If you like these individual items as gifts, feel free to select the appropriate gift wrap option.


Can I remove / replace items in a bundle gift set?

Our gift bundles are thoughtfully curated and put together to make the most beautiful and purposeful arrangements for your treasured recipients. Items are also pre-packed and reserved in bundles and set aside just for this occasion. Most gift bundles are also discounted and priced as a bundle - so you can enjoy the set at a discount, as compared to purchasing each item individually.

Replacement and removing an item is also not a straightforward process - it may require us to check if new item fits into box, rearrange the gift design to ensure that it is suitable for delivery and many more. 

Therefore, requests to remove and replace items in the predesigned gift bundle is not recommended. Instead, we recommend you to opt for our gift customisation service, where you can customise your gift box with us from scratch. Gift customisation requires planning, discussion, time and effort in order to make it impactful and as such, a minimum of S$100 (excluding delivery) applies.


Can I add more items to the gift bundle / gift set?

If item size is fairly small to medium and adding will not disrupt the arrangement of the gift set (e.g. keychains, pen holder, pen, pouch, notebook), we would love to add it in for you! Just get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there.

If your item is large and cannot fit into the box, we may recommend a box upgrade (if possible) or to pack separately, at additional costs.

What happens after I make my order? Can I see photos of my purchase?

Once payment is made, we will go ahead and start making your gift(s)! For personalised /customised gifts that are enclosed in a gift wrap/box, we offer sneak peeks/ photos of your gifts through email as we understand that you may want to see how your gift looks like before it is given to your loved ones. 

Only if you:

1) purchased personalised gifts under bundle gift sets and

2) submitted your email address during your order process,

you will receive a SNEAK PEEK (photos) of your gift set through email on the day of delivery. Remember, this extra service is only available if you meet all criteria above. 

For single product items (personalised or not), non-personalised gifts or any other items that are not enclosed in a gift wrap/ gift box, NO photos will be emailed. 

I need a gift URGENTLY! Help me! 🆘

We always strive to help you out whenever we can! So if you need your gift urgently, get in touch with us through email, IG DM or Carousell to check our availability. All gifts generally take 2-4 working days to process (except for bulk order / gift customisation from scratch). Your urgent gifts can be processed and move to “priority rush order” in less than 2 working days at an additionally flat fee of $10 per gift.

Can I make my order anonymous?

Yes you can! If your gift comes with a gift box or if you opt for gift wrap, just be sure to leave out your name or any form of identification on your notecard message. 

If you order through this website, receipts will be automatically emailed upon purchase and will NOT be included in your package. 


Will the receipt be included in the gift?

Where possible, we aim to reduce the use of papers and so, we will NOT include receipt in your purchase as it would have already been emailed to you (for website purchases). So you don’t have to worry about this especially if your item is a gift!


I would like to purchase individual items and package it all in a gift box. How do I do that?

No problem! Just drop us an email ( and we will advise you if it’s doable! This falls under gift customisation service and a minimum spend of $100 (excluding delivery) is required.


How do I cancel my order?

Your plans might change and orders may need to be cancelled. We would like to be able to accommodate your requests to the best of our ability. If you'd like to cancel your order, please note that:
~ cancellations must be made less than 30 minutes after time of purchase and a refund (minus transaction fee charged by platform and credit card/payment gateway) is applicable.
~ no refund for any cancellations made after 30 minutes from time of purchase.
~ if refunds are given, it may take up to 10 days or more for your bank or card issuer to make your funds available to you again.
~ to cancel your order, please email your request by contacting us here with your order number and item(s) purchased.


Can I store multiple addresses?

Yes. By creating an account with us, you will be able to store multiple addresses and keep these for future deliveries with us.



How fast does my queries get answered?

We attend to queries received from email, website chat, IG DM and Carousell chat from 9am to 6pm weekdays. We are a home studio-based gifting business and work really hard on work days, meeting up with clients for collection almost every day and making sure that your gifts get made and delivered on time. Therefore, we truly cherish our family time, like how all families do. So for queries received after 6pm on weekdays, the whole of Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, replies may be returned the next working day.