About Us

My Gift Maker is a one-of-a-kind gift store in Singapore which expertly combines art, much needed everyday items and ample of consideration in creating an unparalleled selection of the prettiest and perfect gift. Our team of giftologists put in lots of thought into combining each gift package so that you can give gifts that comes from the heart. 

Our Story

My Gift Maker was inspired by a group of like-minded individuals who simply find joy in the spirit of gifting. It all started in Dec 2015 during Christmas when we did our Christmas shopping and one of us simply could not find a hamper that consists of all the items needed, and wish that she could make one that is tailored to the receiver's needs. So she came up with the idea of making really pretty gifts packages that looks professional and matches the personality of her eccentric friends.

Why Choose My Gift Maker?

We carefully select many of the items in each gift hamper. These items have been tried, tested and accompanied with many good reviews from the public. We also conscientiously hand-picked many of the items in each gift hamper from all over the world and only include those we thought make very good gifts and are of value for money. That's why many of our gift hampers consists of great products and yet are of affordable price as we would like everyone and anyone to be able to share the gifting happiness and see what we see everyday when our recipients receive one of our packages - the surprise, thankful and fully delighted faces.

We cannot emphasise enough on how much thought and love goes into creating each gift hamper - from each item in the hamper down to the base container that holds them. Instead of the traditional gift baskets, many of our gift hampers are contained in usable containers such as mixing bowls, fruit dishes, storage containers etc. So no more leaving unused baskets around the house and you can be sure that your lucky recipient uses all items! 

Giving these gifts will also allow you to share with your loved ones your most unique treasure, which is how much you know and care for them. You select your gift packages based on their personality - a baking kit for the baking enthusiasts, or a Starbucks coffee package for the one that cannot make it through the day without coffee. So if you can't find a gift hamper on our website which matches that unique friend of yours,  contact us on your ideal combination of gifts and we will get down to sourcing and making a gift hamper that suits your budget!