Do you do gift customisation?

We have done many customisation of gift sets or hampers for our past customers! We understand that you would like your gift to be personal and most suitable for your lucky receiver. If you cannot find any suitable gift set from our predesigned gift collection, feel free to drop us a message through contact us and we will work hard in working out the ideal gift you have in mind!

How are the gifts packaged?

Our gifts are lovingly arranged and crafted to make the prettiest gift possible for your loved ones. There may be differences in the arrangement and colour of items (e.g. flowers or boxes used) that you see on this website. At the end of the day, no matter what, we will take steps to ensure that your gifts are beautifully crafted, ready to put a smile on your recipient's face!

Can I make my order anonymous?

Yes you can! Just be sure to make your intention known to us by writing under "Add note to your order" at the cart page and we will take care of it. Your name will not be included in the card or any part of the gift.