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Corporate gifting during festive events like Chinese New Year is a very common gifting event for many companies or organisations in Singapore. This gifting event was special for My Gift Maker because it was our first CNY gift box that we’ve ever created. Truly humbled that PPIS chose to have us onboard their corporate gifting event.

What they needed: They needed gift boxes with food items to convey their CNY festive greetings and at the same time, thank the many partners they have worked with. With a budget in mind, they wanted goodies and treats that match the occasion.

The process: We included snacks typically savoured by our locals during this festive period - Chinese tea, oranges, nuts and wafer biscuits. We always have a heart for Singapore brands too and included brownie brittle by Melvados and butter cookies freshly baked by Sugar Rush! SG. To achieve the Chinese New Year look, we chose rose gold box with bright red satin ribbon. The gift was from PPIS so for the recipients to keep their brand in mind, we made it known through the branded gift tag, branded notecard message and tissue sticker. 

They also needed each box to be delivered straight to the recipient. So we scheduled the delivery for the last two weeks leading up to Chinese New Year, thereby coordinating everything from start to finish, taking the laborious gifting work fully off their plate. 

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chinese new year corporate gifting

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cny singapore gift delivery service hamper chinese new year bulk corporate business curated gift box

Physical gift-giving between partners is 100% necessary, but can be really burdensome for you. So how?

Corporate gifting improves partnerships and working relationships, creating feelings of reciprocity and trust between partners. This is the very reason why physical gift-giving between companies and organisations is very effective and still so widely practiced. But we also really understand how burdensome it is if you were placed in charge of the gifting event in your company. Fortunately you‘ve come to the right place. We absolutely have a knack for gifting and would love to take your laborious project off your plate. 

You probably envy and yearn for worry-free and impressive-looking gifts for your own company, but have low minimums. We would love to help! You can complete the inquiry form below or simply drop us an email to tell us more about your gifting event.

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