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When a client called to ask for help on creating an appreciation snack pack for her colleagues, we couldn’t help but feel super excited to work with her on this. She recently won an excellence award and strongly felt that her achievement was only possible because of the great teammates who have worked alongside her. With her vibrant and humble personality in mind, we put together a set that precisely delivers her reason for gifting and most importantly, met her budget needs.

A mix of healthy and sweet.

We put together many sweet snacks for her colleagues to enjoy but threw into the mix some immunity boosting nuts, gluten-free chips and calm cooling tea so that they are not overly snacking on only the sweet stuff. 

Thank you gift box care pack singapore gift delivery hamper snacks corporate gifts

The gift is truly from you.

This resonates with many of us - we usually purchase gifts where the brand/shop name or logo is very clearly displayed on the gift box or hamper. It indicates very clearly to the recipient where you purchase the gift from. Ours is nothing like that. That is because we truly value our clients and want their recipients to know that the gift is customised from their gifter. The ultimate focus is for their recipients to understand why the gift was given to them. In this case, my client wanted to deliver a strong message that she was gifting to thank her teammates and show them her deepest appreciation for their support.

Gift tag appreciation gift client gifting gift box care pack singapore delivery personalised customisedA customised thank you gift tag with name personalisation.

Message handwritten notecard gift box snack care pack custom singapore gift delivery
A handwritten message to authentically deliver the client’s message.

Intention of gifting was clearly communicated.

So we wasted no part of the gift and made maximal impact to deliver this message. The gift tag attached to the ribbon which says “Thank you so much!” with her name at the bottom was intentionally created - it would be the first thing the eyes read and the recipients immediately knew who it was from and the purpose of the gift. A notecard with a handwritten message in cursive then greets them upon opening, creating the warmest gesture possible. Accompanied by a burst of visuals on the collection of snacks (if you have not noticed by now, it is green themed with splashes of purple and orange-red) neatly arranged in the gift box.  

We excluded her work logo and replaced with a simple minimal thank you with name personalisation on the gift tag as she wanted it to be personally from her. 

Gift box singapore customized gift delivery gift hamper corporate gift thank you

Client gifting appreciation gift singapore personalised custom gift delivery service gift box thank you gift pack

No stress, labour work and too much thinking when it comes to your gifting.

She was amazed at how all she did was have a brief description of her event, rough idea of what she wants in the gifts and discussed her budget. And all of a sudden, she saw her gifts created, minus the stress, labour and hard work. And that is really our mission - to make gifting so much easier for you.

Have an idea but no idea on how to make it work?

If you have a gifting need (weddings, bridesmaids/hen party, thank you, farewell or welcome gifts), email us or complete the inquiry form below. Always look forward to hearing from you!


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