Corporate Gifting - Urban Motors Pte. Ltd. and Tai Huat Hari Raya

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Corporate gifting during festive events like Hari Raya is a common practice for many companies in Singapore. This year, we have a special one - a combined gift from two companies. Urban Motors and Tai Huat engaged our corporate gifting service which includes adding their corporate logo to our predesigned gift set. Let's take a look at how this gifting event turned out.

Know who the gift is from in a flash with a striking personalised gift tag.

Corporate custom personalised gift box singapore my gift maker

 Gift tag customised corporate gift box Hari Raya singapore

A taste of all things Hari Raya condensed in a box!

The delicious mouth-watering kuihs, tasty and famous rempeyek crackers brand, award-winning tea and fast-selling dates milk, and savoury nut snacks with flavours enjoyed by our Muslim community - all in one box for their recipients to enjoy and have a true taste of Raya. Here are more photos of how the gifts turn out. 

Hari Raya Christmas corporate gift box wellness hamper gift set client appreciation corporate gift delivery

Hari Raya Christmas corporate staff appreciation gift box singapore delivery
Singapore gift delivery corporate hamper Christmas Hari Raya client gifting custom gift box

Make your gift count with a personalised notecard bearing your company logo.

Customised corporate message card my gift maker singapore

We are a fan of helping you make your gift as impactful as possible, and that you stay on your client’s mind. So we know a message on a notecard bearing their company logo will help their clients remember them for their gift. People are generally visual and remembers what catches the eye first, which in this case, is the company brand. For this particular gift, the message is conveyed on the back of the Hari Raya notecard. 

On a side note, if you don’t already know, we are very much into handwritten messages - it exudes much more warmth and authenticity. It may take more time on our side but the impression is worth way more than the effort. Just let us know and we can do it for you, whether it’s 1 or 100 cards.

Corporate personalised message gifting singapore

Warm and genuine - only delivered by a handwritten notecard. 

Have a year-end festive gifting event for your company? Ready to level up your staff or client experience this year?

We are already midway through 2022! This means the year-end gifting is nearing. This period is truly the busiest time of the year and we can understand the madness that comes with it. If your company require customised gift sets that not only make a huge statement but would also like to take the entire laborious gifting process off your plate, just drop us an email or complete the form below. We’d love to explore how we can help you elevate your company’s gifting game. We take up only a limited number of gifting projects for year-end events or Christmas 2022 so book early with us!

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