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We recently did a corporate client gifting for a non-governmental organisation and we absolutely loved how it turned out! And thankfully, the same goes for their clients. 

Corporate client gifting for mummies gift box retreat relaxing calming soap wax sachet personalised notebook

Selecting the Right Content for your Client

In this project that I will share with you, our client from Thye Hua Kuan wanted a gift suitable for mummies and they chose the right set to suit their clients - our Retreat Box for Ladies. In collaboration with Immerse Soapery, we created this concept as we imagined an overworked mother requiring a very much needed retreat - with nice-smelling handmade soap in their shower and opening a wardrobe freshened with Japanese honeysuckle scented wax tablet. On their vanity, lies a little trinket tray to catch their everyday jewellery, a personalised notebook and a high quality smooth writing pen to journal their thoughts. Also on their writing desk, a personalised little tumbler to sip on their favourite hot drink to keep them fully charged for the day. These are essentials to have for a mother’s self-care needs. What we envisioned would help a mother go through their day easier, is what we placed in this very gift box! Often, we have clients having zero idea on what to include in their gift box. One thing you can learn from this is that you can hardly go wrong when you put together contents that were customised and curated with the recipient in mind.

An Impactful Message is Conveyed

The notebook and tumbler is personalised with “Mummies for life” and “Mum” for the heart-shaped jewel tray. To tie everything together, we placed a personalised card with the intended message from our client and a notecard captioned “Best Mom Ever” in the gift box - all these are keywords to empower and remind their client mummies how amazing they are. These words create the maximum impact - exactly what they want their clients to know AND feel.

Your Company’s Branding Matters

We intentionally placed our client’s brand logo on a type-written message card and gift tag, and tucked our own name card away so that the very first thing their client sees is a gift truly from Thye Hua Kuan. This is very important for any company or organisation when gifting to their recipients. You would want to make sure that your recipient sees your company as their first impression.

Thye Kuan corporate client gifting solution personalised customised gift set

True Partners Made This Work

This project was exactly how I envisioned working with my clients to fulfil their gifting needs. We were truly blessed to be working with such a lovely team from Thye Hua Kuan. The team communicated their wants clearly and were very open to suggestions. It was humbling that they trusted us from the start to the end, where the gifts were delivered right up to each recipient’s doorstep. In working together as true partners, we ended with their clients raving about the gifts they received. 

mother's day business gifting staff appreciation gift set personalised tumbler notebook

Click on the following link for more information on how on how our Full Gifting Service works. Alternatively, you can complete the inquiry form below if your company have a gifting event that desperately needs to be elevated and on point, with your recipient truly in mind. We love to help you find out how we can elevate your next gifting event!

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